George Lassos The Moon Earrings
George Lassos The Moon Earrings
George Lassos The Moon Earrings
Lassoed Moon

George Lassos The Moon Earrings

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"What is it you want, Mary? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down."

Inspired by the scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" where Lassoed Moon got its name, these beautiful iridescent earrings are sure to be a holiday favorite. Made with laser cute iridescent acrylic, engraved with a drawing of George lassoing the moon, these earrings are available with gold hardware, a beautiful zircon coated star, and sterling silver posts, or all sterling silver hardware and sterling silver ear wires adorned with a small silver star. Mary Bailey approved. 

  • Laser cut and engraved iridescent acrylic
  • Two options for hardware, both with sterling silver posts
  • Measures approximately 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Each Lassoed Moon item is handmade with the utmost care. Acrylic styles are designed, laser cut, assembled, and painted by yours truly!

Care: Treat your jewelry with care. Laser cut acrylic is strong, but not indestructible. Avoid applying excess pressure, bending, or dropping your jewelry. If your jewelry is dirty or smudged a microfiber cloth should do the trick! A tiny bit of water can be added to the cloth if needed, but please avoid getting your jewelry wet. 

*Please note: colors may vary slightly due to differences in monitor appearance.